Fresh & Clean for the Holidays!

Treating Your Dogs is Treating Yourself!

Does this sound familiar? You just took your pup for her monthly spa day. She got the works, including bath & brushing completely included in the signature service membership. She smells and looks great now—perfect for all your guests during the holidays! But when you get home, what’s the first thing that she decides to do? Play in the mud, of course! Argh! No worries, the services offered at Splash and Dash can tend to her nails, glands, shedding, and much more! 

Or maybe you spent a solid hour bending over, straining your back, bathing Fido and within 10 minutes he’s already rolled in something that smells like you know what. Yuck!

With the holidays almost here, no one has time to give their dog a bath when he needs a sudsy scrubbing the most. No one wants to be stuck in the car with a stinky dog while driving to grandma\’s house and grandma doesn\’t want to smell the stinky pup either!

Fortunately, there’s great news!

The Affordable, Hassle-Free Way to Keep Your Dog Clean and Fresh Week after Week!

Splash and Dash for Dogs™ is an UNLIMITED Monthly Bath program that provides the necessary maintenance in between full grooming appointments. You can bring your dog in as many times as you want or need, in any given month for a full bath, dry and brush out – all for one low monthly payment, starting as low as $39.95.

Benefits are many, such as:

  • Having a Clean and fresh smelling dog all of the time.
  • Having a Clean and fresh smelling house all of the time.
  • No more painful matting and a lot less shedding!


  • No Long Term contracts, Cancel Anytime! (just give us 30-day notice)
  • UNLIMITED Bathing means potentially UNLIMITED Savings!
  • Save EVEN MORE Money: Your membership entitles you to VIP pricing on many small services!
  • PLUS: a 10% discount towards all of your future full grooming appointments!

We know you want your K-9 kid to be cute and clean all of the time, however, your dog just wants to play, roll, and dig in the dirt! Let the Splash and Dash Unlimited Bath Membership make you both happy, especially when things get hectic during the holidays!

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