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Most pet parents know the responsibilities of owning a dog. Caring for your little four-legged child holds the same weight as caring for your two-legged child. Some dogs are high maintenance. They might need special diets, particular grooming, and specialized care. Other dogs are less demanding. Just as some dog breeds need tons of exercise, some dogs will need constant grooming. Breeds with heavy coats like Chow Chow, Golden Retrievers, and Maltese will need regular dog grooming services to keep up with their health.

When a dog\’s coat is kept too long, and is not regularly brushed, matting occurs. This is extremely painful for dogs. Imagine a twisted knot in your hair constantly pulling at your scalp. Ouch! A rule-of-thumb is that if you have not brought your dog in for professional grooming after 6-12 months, your dog may need to be shaved down. Splash and Dash, and any reputable groomer, will choose humanity over vanity. This means that the most humane option for dogs with severe matting is shaving over subjecting them to the painful de-matting process. Groomers will extend the option between giving your dog a professional shaving or letting you take your dog home to attempt a de-matt yourself.

This is only in worst case scenarios. Most dogs with common matting issues can be treated with de-matting dog grooming services. A standard de-mating service will not force a dog to suffer any unnecessary discomfort. Regular grooming also keeps a dog\’s coat pristine by circulating natural skin oils and removing dander from the coat. Regular brushing and bathing are essential. Trimming your dog\’s nails and keeping their teeth brushed is also very important to their health.

What Does Splash and Dash Offer?

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique offers amazing dog grooming services that not only safeguard your pet\’s health but is great for their happiness too! This article tours all the awesome care options you can spoil your dog with at Splash and Dash.


Aromatherapy is getting more and more popular with pets. This treatment is great! With proper techniques not only will your dog smell great but each scent can help induce a certain emotional state.

The benefits of aromatherapy begin with dogs experiencing the world through their nose!

With aromatherapy, anxious dogs can learn—with some conditioning—to respond well to relaxing aromatherapy blends infused with Lavender and Chamomile in our Relax treatment. We have an answer for any case. If your dog\’s coat needs a moisturizing boost, a fusion of Coconut, Cucumber, and Green Tea can replenish their coat and skin with the Hydrate treatment. With Renew—Argan oil, Vitamin E, and Antioxidants quench a dog\’s coat and invigorates their skin. Lazy couch surfing pups can get a zeal of Energy with Ginger and Orange essential oils to pep them up.


Imagine walking around on your hands all day. Walking through gas stations, chemically treated grass, and concrete—havens for bacteria. Common chemicals in fertilizers like molybdenum or sodium chloride in ice melting products can be harmful to your dog. This makes dirt and mud almost the least of your worries when it comes to your dog\’s paws.

A pawdicure includes a healing effervescent treatment that cleanses away bacteria and chemicals. Pawdicures also attend to cracked pads and inflamed nail beds. Just as soothing as a pedicure is for humans, a pawdicure will melt away tension in your pupper.


Dogs love this! A facial purges out those puppy pores and removes debris from tear ducts. Splash and Dash have human-grade Blueberry and Pinkberry facial scrubs that revitalize a dog\’s skin. If your dog has tear stains or built up \’crust\’ in their facial fur, this treatment is a great option for them!

DeShed Service

All dogs shed. There are two ways to keep hair from getting all over your couch. The first is daily brushing. Take your dog outside and brush out all the dead hair that is trapped in their coat. Next, treat them with a DeShed service.

The way it works is using a specially-formulated DeShedding shampoo that is packed with moisturizers and essential omega fatty acids. This shampoo replenishes dry, brittle hairs. The shampoo is massaged into your dog\’s coat for at least ten minutes, then rinsed out repeatedly. After this, thorough brushing with professional grooming equipment is used to remove excess hairs.  

The process of shedding is constant throughout the whole year but some dogs shed more seasonally. If your Malamute sheds after the winter months, the best time to bring him in for a DeShed is in the spring. DeShedding helps contain the endless amount of loose hair that gets everywhere!

Nourish Conditioning

This is the dog service treatment that keeps on treating. Nourish Conditioner is an ultra-nourishing leave-in or rinse-out conditioner which is hypoallergenic and adds a protective layer between groomings.

Nourish helps a dog\’s coat retain vitamins and protects their skin as their being dried. The detangler-properties helps eliminate static and support coat shine. The conditioner allows your dog to get the most out of their vitamin-enriched bath!

Teeth Brushing

Brushing your dog\’s teeth is one of the most important and pain-in-the-butt parts of grooming. Veterinarians recommend brushing your dog\’s teeth at least twice a week to prevent bad breath, periodontal disease, and even kidney disease. Why not let your groomer do this for you? Let them take care of the tedium so you can get back to playing and cuddling with your pooch, who now has minty fresh breath!

Ear Cleaning

An ear infection is no fun. Monitoring ears for redness, inflammation, and an odorous discharge is vital for a dog\’s health. During a bath, dogs need to have debris removed to prevent ear infections.

An ear cleaning takes this one step further. Using non-abrasive cleaning solutions and professional grooming supplies, a groomer will cleanse a dog\’s ear canal. This is super important for long-term health and hygiene.

Nail Trimming

This is another exhausting part of dog grooming that is just as important as it is tedious—nail trimming. If you can hear the clicks and clacks of your dog\’s nails making contact with the floor, your dog\’s nails are too long! Gangly nails are painful for a dog. It forces them to torque their spine in unhealthy posture and decreases the chance of nail bed infection.

The professional and loving hands of a groomer can keep nails at a healthy length and will prevent toenail bleeding.

Sanitary Areas and Anal Glands

Tending to these areas of a dog might not be tedious but it is kinda gross. Cleaning up a dog\’s genital areas helps them maintain cleanliness as they do their business.

Dogs naturally \”express\” their anal glands as they defecate but most toy breeds need extra help with this process. If you ever see your dog dragging their butt across the floor, this means their anal glands need to be expressed and this is their way of trying to alleviate the pressure. You can do this at home but we don\’t blame you for letting your groomer take care of it for you.

Full-Service Grooming

Splash and Dash offers safety-first grooming for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you have a tiny Yorkie or a giant Bernese, our groomers can tidy up your dog\’s coat into a stylish new look. From showroom styling, that the American Kennel Club recognizes, to a casual cut for the summer, our groomers can do it all. We also use eco-friendly shampoos made with all-natural human grade ingredients.

One of the best parts about Splash and Dash is the Signature Monthly Membership. You can pay a flat fee and take your dog in for unlimited bathing and brushing. Whenever you have guests, or the squirrel chase gets extra muddy, you can bring your dog in for sudsy pampering. Being a Splash and Dash member also entitles you to free add-ons and major discounts on dog grooming services.

Angie\’s List members reported paying on average between $53 and $90 for a single cut. As a Splash and Dash member, your dog\’s grooming can be much less depending on the size of your dog. Plus, you can get your dog washed and brushed literally whenever you want!

If you\’re looking for a pet salon that will treat you and your dog like royalty with trained-professional and loving hands, consider Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. Play Dirty, Live Clean!


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