Going Stir Crazy Yet? Home Distractions and DIY Projects for you and your Dog!

With many of us several weeks into this temporary normal, we figured it\’s time to break up the mundane routine and foster some happy distractions!


Here are 5 at home activities to accomplish with your dogs!

  1. By now, you\’re probably running out of things to watch? We\’ve got you covered! Check out our YouTube compilationsAll dogs all day – you\’re welcome! PS: Don\’t forget to Subscribe.
  2. In a doggy-dog-world, busy is always better than bored. How are you keeping your pooch occupied indoors? Scavenger Hunts? Trips to the Mailbox? Gourmet Meals? Check out our favorite quick-make, easy-bake, at-home dog treat recipes.
  3. As pup-parents, we attempt to record every cute, quirky, and mischievous moment our furbabies take a part in. Send in your best dog videos to be featured in our future YouTube compilations. Videos can be texted or emailed to SocialMedia@splashanddashfordogs.com
  4. Get outside and WALK! That favorite \”W\” word is more than ever a priority now. Whether you stroll around the apartment complex or take a hike through your backyard, fresh air and a simple change of pace can make all the difference. If you\’re feeling cooped up, your fur-baby is likely to be too!
  5. Take advantage of the extra time and teach your old dog a new trick! Patience is something we are all mastering by now. If you\’re fine-tuning commands or teaching something entirely new, the time you have available now will be the consistency you thank yourself for later. As with any training, regular practice and follow through is the secret to success. With all the additional time at home – you might be surprised the things you can learn… or teach!Be well!\"\"
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