Hilarious Halloween Prank

Happy Halloween! Do You Have this Owner’s Pet Supplies?

Halloween season is here and we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are excited to kick off the spooky holiday with some funny viral videos. This video was posted by the YouTube channel PRNK. It is titled, Owner Pranks Dog With Halloween Candy Bowl. This is exactly what happened. This poor Yorkie’s owner thought it would be funny to replace the dog bowl with an automated candy bowl. The kind of bowl designed to ward off trick-or-treaters.


Check Out the Prank

We’ve all seen them when trick-or-reating. The kids that take the whole bowl instead of just one candy. No fun! Candy bowls like this have a motion activator. The bowl scares trick-or-treaters as they reach into the candy bowl.  This method may or may not work. We don\’t know, we just groom dogs.Watch as the Yorkie goes to take a bite of her food, and the automated puppet comes down.

Don’t worry! This doggie is anything but scared. He fearlessly barks at the puppet. It’s as if she’s saying “What the heck, this is my food! What even are you!?” to the spooky puppet. The dog doesn’t back off and keeps barking to defend his right to eat out of HIS bowl. Good for you little Yorkie. This bowl is not a traditional part of any household’s pet supplies, but we think it’s pretty entertaining. We cheered the Yorkie on the whole way through!

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