Humane Society\’s Amazing Pet Care for Overseas Rescue

The Aftermath of Human Society\’s Pet Care Rescue

Rescue stories are always at the center of the Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique\’s pathos. We believe that the senseless suffering of animals big and small is something that we and others can stop. Our shop owners participate in rescue events and work with local pet care and rescue organizations to get animals off the streets. We continue to share pet news of dogs needing a home and triumphs of the pet care world.

Over 70 million animals are stray, vulnerable to the streets in the U.S. with only ten percent that enter a shelter being spayed or neutered. We can all take part in bringing these sad numbers down. This video introduces us to a dog named Kat. Kat was rescued from a meat market shut down by The Humane Society. The video shows the first pet care Kat has ever been given. She has never slept in a dog bed or played with dog toys. These are her first steps into a new life!

Kat is anxious to step out of the kennel, hesitant of the new more loving and less harsh world around her. She sniffs around finding her path. A soft bed, clean food, and plush dog toys are all new experiences for this poor dog. Kat was one of 200 dogs rescued in the Humane Society\’s pet care campaign to end the dog-meat trade.

This lucky dog gets a second chance to live in a loving home!

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are so happy to see this dog make it and wonder what\’s in store for her next.


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