Humane Society’s Shelter Buddies Reading Program Helps Dogs

Pet Care in Shelters Helps Dogs Get Adopted

Dogs come from all different kinds of places and all need different kinds of pet care. Whether they are adopted, from a reputable breeder, or ethical pet store, we love them all. No matter the source of your doggie-child, all dogs are great and dear companions.

Some, however, have extra challenges and need accommodations like shelter rescue dogs.

This is why today’s viral video brings us NBC’s “Making a Difference.” The video is titled Children Help Get Shelter Dogs’ Tails Wagging By Reading to Them | NBC Nightly News.

NBC reporter Joe Fryer reported on the Missouri Humane shelter initiative called, Shelter Buddies Reading Program.

The program involves young children volunteering to read to the shelter dogs. This helps to socialize some of the timid dogs who need a loving home. Pet care providers have limited resources with the thousands of animals entering shelters every year. Anxiety ridden dogs need special attention for them to get used to human contact.

This is what the kids do.

School children come in and read to each dog. The time spent reading reinforces good socialization for the dogs, but also teaches the kids empathy and reading comprehension.

Once dogs gain the valuable human interaction they are less frightened when people come into tour the Humane Society looking to adopt. The more friendly the dog, the better their chances are of getting adopted. NBC even promoted the adoption of a dog named Biscuit, letting viewers know that Biscuit is still looking for a home.

Human society pet care providers commented that there is a noticeable change in the dog\’s behavior. Jeane Jae of the Humane Society of Missouri said, \”It\’s amazing to see the reaction these dogs, in almost every situation they came from the back to the front to greet the kids.\”

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique applaud the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, and think is a beautiful example of pet care.

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