Two Talking Huskies Argue

Pet Health: Vocal Chords of Two Arguing Huskies

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are big fans of Mishka, the talking Husky, and her little sister, Laika who can also say English words. Because of their amazing vocal ability the two have become famous YouTube dog celebrities since their owners first started sharing the amazing home videos displaying their speaking antics and excellent pet health. Today’s viral video is one of Mishka and Laika arguing over a chew toy. It is titled, “2 TALKING DOGS ARGUE – SUBTITLED! Mishka & Laika,” and was uploaded by YouTube channel gardea23–the dog’s owners.

The video shows Mishka laying comfortably and quietly on the family ottoman. Mishka wants to chew on the toy too. Laika, as the younger sister, is on the ground and looking bored. She starts howling, “Hey, hey you.” Mishka ignores her at first, but after some persistence from her little sister she just simply howls, “No.” The two go back and forth for the whole video–truly arguing. The funniest moment is when Mishka remind her little sister that, “I am the Alpha.” A pet health instinctual trait that has carried through past domestication.

Laika even tried to steal the treat away from her older sister before finally walking away in defeat. Looks like Mishka won this one.

The pet health information behind these two cuties amazing ability to argue with each other is interesting. Animal behaviorists have studied the complexity of Husky vocal chords, which are more developed than other dog breeds. Huskies can mimic the pitch of sounds they hear. Many pet health experts theorize that the dogs are simply copying the sounds they hear.

When Mishka says, “I love you,” the intonation and pitch rises and falls as humans say the words. You guys watch the video and decide. Please enjoy!

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