What You Should Know About Online Booking

Here at Splash and Dash we try to do everything we can to make life as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. This was the whole reason we started offering our online appointment booking in the first place. We want to make sure that all our customers know we offer this and what it can offer. Here are a few things we think you should know.


It’s Easy to Use\"dog

You can easily go to your store’s page and click on the Request an Appointment button on the left side of the page. From there you will just sign in to your account and select the time and date you want your service. This makes it convenient to get your appointment booked. You can also make multiple appointments. So for example if you want to bring your dog in every Friday afternoon at 4PM then you can easily set this for multiple visits.


Rescheduling is Simple

Another thing you can easily do with online booking is reschedule your appointment. Simply sign into your account and then change the appointment.  This makes it easy for people who have ever changing schedules to still get the convenience of online booking without feeling pressured to keep the appointment if they have something that comes up.


Cancelling Your Appointment

\"dogAlong the same lines you should know that you can easily cancel your appointment online, rather than just reschedule. We understand that sometimes you may not know when you can bring your pet back in and we want to be accommodating to this.

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