Mariah Carey Pet Parody: All I want for Christmas is…Dog Food

Dog Food Parody Video Explains What Pets Really want for Christmas


It\’s that time of year again. You can see your breath in the air. Everyone\’s yards are glowing with lights. The malls are busy and all the kids are on their best behavior, well maybe. It\’s the holidays! As the hams and turkeys roast, the pies bake, the dry kibble dog food looks less and less enticing for your dog.


This is a circumstance every poor dog goes through every holiday season. Some pet parents garnish their pet\’s dog food with broths and leftovers. Others just let them suffer and eat their dry dog food while humans gorge on turkey wings and macaroni. It\’s all a matter how much those doggie pouting eyes can affect you.


We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are advocates of the rotational diet which vary your dog\’s diet between dry dog food, fresh table prepared, canned, and raw. But not all dogs are this spoiled. The ones who aren\’t, now have an anthem for the holidays. This anthem is captured in this pet parody video of Mariah Carey\’s \”All I want for Christmas.\” It was uploaded by YouTube channel the Pet Collective.


The video is basically the inner monologue of every dog. With lyrics like, \”Sausage, turkey, cake, or pie/Do I want a breast or thigh?\” or, \” I don\’t want a lot for Christmas. You can keep all of my gifts/I just want my bowl to be full. I can handle it.\” You can see why we think this silly video is extremely truthful. Dogs don\’t want dog food on Christmas, they want what you\’re eating!


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hopes you enjoyed the video!


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