Meet Zeus Officially the Biggest Dog in the World

There are a lot of contenders for the biggest dog in the world, but Zeus the Great Dane holds the record. At the time Zeus achieved the record, he was 44 inches tall, making him tower over kitchen tables. For perspective Zeus was about ? as tall as your average NFL quarterback, making him come up to their chests on all fours. Zeus could have easily stood over Tom Brady if he was on his hind legs.

Zeus weighed 155 lbs. But his owners in Michigan loved letting him sit in their laps. Zeus was so big, his owners simply tuned on the kitchen sink when he was thirsty. He was tall enough to easily drink from the faucet like a water fountain!

With having a huge dog big enough to set world records, comes paying a little extra. Zeus’s owners stated that the dog could eat through 30 lb dog bags every two weeks. The family also had to buy a van and remove the seats to transport the big guy. Zeus was way too big to fit in a sedan by any means. We  were wondering what it was like for Zeus’s dog grooming. How long did it take to wash that big guy? His owners would joke that he is half horse.

Zeus tragically passed away at the age of five. But his owner say \”We\’ll really miss him.” The huge dog is remembered fondly, and passed from old age. The large breed Great Danes have an average lifespan of six to eight years. We in the dog grooming industry know that larger breeds tend to have short lifespans, but we we think Zeus was incredible.

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