Tiny Terrier Ready to Set World Record Smallest Dog

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we’re a fan of every dog, big and small. But this little Tiny Terrier really caught our eye. Her name is Meysi and she is possibly the smallest dog in the world. She wears just a little less than a hamster, and is just about as tall as a can of soda.

Meysi might also be in for another world record. She could be crowned as the world’s quickest dog grooming job. With a dog that tiny, it wouldn’t take long at all to give her a bath and cool new haircut. When Meysi was born she was almost thrown in the bin. Her owner mistook her for a piece of placenta, but then realized that she was actually a little puppie. Thank goodness for that!

At the time the video was posted, Meysi weighed around 4 ounces. She was seven centimeters tall and 12 centimetres long. Easily small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Meysi’s owners from Poland want to have world record examiners come out to see if Meysi is truly the smallest dog in the world.

The current official smallest dog in the world is a tiny Chihuahua in Puerto Rico named Milly. Milly is 9.65 centimetres tall making her about as tall as a high heel shoe. Milly was born December 1 2011, but from the looks of things Milly may be about to be dethroned.

This is a super cute video of Meysi jumping around and was uploaded by YouTube channel Barcroft TV. We loved every second of it, and we hope you do too. Stay tuned for more!

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