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Pet Look-A-Like Contest Sponsored by Splash and Dash

Working in an office does not always have to be boring. Some companies are trying to make the office more exciting for employees. This is one of the reasons why Splash and Dash sponsored a Pet Look Alike Contest for the employees.


What it Entailed

Employees were notified about this contest and were told to submit a photo of them with their pet. These would then be judged to determine a first place \"unnamedwinner along with runners up. The winner of the contest received a gift basket with dog treats and toys from Splash and Dash as well as a $50 gift card. The first runner up received a $100 gift card and the second runner up received a $50 gift card.


Who Won?

After the judging ended there were several good attempts and the winners were selected. These were the top three for the contest:



\"unnamed\"While this pup named Daisy does not have on glasses, it is easy to see the similarities here. The golden color of the pups face and ears is a perfect match for Kelli’s golden hair- the wave in the hair is also perfect!

First Runner Up

This pit bull named Kratos shares a distinctly serious facial expression with his pet parent Antonio. It is easy to see the love between the two as well.

Second Runner Up

\"unnamedWe’re not sure who looks more like who in this side by side picture. Hollie the dog shares the same expression as her owner Paul. While it may not be as close a match as the other two it is adorably funny!





About Splash and Dash and the Contest

Splash and Dash is a fun company that has the vision of making pet ownership easier and more fun while also improving the lives of dogs the world over. If your company is interested in having a contest sponsored by Splash and Dash, give us a call today. For those that do not own their own company but think this would be fun for their office, talk with your boss and have them give us a call. We love to get involved in the community. Those interested in Post navigation

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