Celebrating St. Patricks Day With 5 Irish Dog Breeds

Happy St. Patrick\’s Day! Hope you\’re wearing green, and remember, if you\’re lucky enough to be Irish, you\’re lucky enough! Today we thought we would include some shamrock style pet news for you and your dog\’s paw-liday.

St. Patrick\’s day is all about the stealth of the leprechaun and pots full of gold at the end of each rainbow. From the pet news side of this Irish holiday comes five dog breeds all from the Emerald Isle!

The Irish Setter

The Irish Setter was first acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1878! Two years previous, the first Irish Setter made pet news by winning a championship in the U.S. dog show. His name was Elcho. The champion sired 197 puppies establishing the breed for good.

The setter is known for its elegant mahogany coat and their swift hunting skills used in ancient Ireland. Irish setters are very high energy. The dogs haven\’t forgotten their rich history as Ireland\’s sporting group dogs. Also known for their sweet-natured disposition, and happy outlook, many believe Irish Setters make great companions.

The Irish Wolfhound

Wolf is a word that makes pet news often as the ancestors of the Canis Lupus Familiaris. Like a wolf, the Irish Wolfhound is a massive dog with a minimum height of 132 inches and weighing at least 120 pounds! Good thing they were so big, back in Ireland they were used to help hunt wolves!

The Irish Wolfhound is considered a galloping hound and its body matches the description. Wolfhounds have a long coat with a muscular build. The temperament of the Wolfhound is described by the AKC as \”calm, courageous, and dignified.\” No surprise when considering this dog breed was an integral part of Irish Mythology as one of the Celtic hounds.

The Glen of Immal

The Glen of Immal dog breed is a direct product of the Irish Rebellion. During the British Rule in 1570, Queen Elizabeth sent Fleming and lowland soldiers to stop the rebellion. These soldiers brought their dogs with them to become what we now recognize as the Glens—named for the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.

The breed first appeared on the pet news scene as recently as 2004, when they were recognized by the AKC. Glens were originally used to hunt underground vermin like badgers and are great at burrowing. The Glen of Immal is still classified as a working dog for its physical attributes. Glens have a medium coat and very muscular appearance. The dogs are strong enough to pull Badgers from their hole and cute enough to pull at your heartstrings. (Sorry, we couldn\’t help it).

The Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels, also known as Rat-Tail Spaniels, Whip-Tail Spaniels, and Shannon Spaniels. The hunting dogs retrieved waterfowl along the shores of Shannon River, West of Ireland.

King James I of England gifted an Irish Water Spaniel—the finest of hunting dogs—to the King of France. This was the first Water Spaniel in France and the breed has come a long way in pet news since. These dogs epitomize hunting dogs being brave, hardworking, and playful.

Irish Water Spaniel coats are a dense curly top knot with the dog\’s face being \’naked,\’ and smooth \’rat\’ tail at the end. Must be the luck of the Irish!

The Irish Terrier

Remember \”Lady and the Tramp?\” Remember Jock from \”Lady and the Tramp?\” Well, if you do, you\’re remembering a significant part of this breed\’s pet news forever immortalized in Disney cinema. The animated character Jock was illustrated to resemble an Irish Terrier.

The Irish Terrier is hugely popular in Europe but is gaining steam in America too! The roots of these dogs trace back to 1879 in Dublin, Ireland when the dog\’s first started appearing in pet news.

Six years later, the AKC acknowledged the Irish Terrier and many speculate the Irish Terrier as a possible origin of the first Terrier breeds. The Irish Terrier is most distinguishable from it\’s unmistakable \’beard.\’ The dogs are said to be \”bold, dashing, and tenderhearted\” by the AKC.


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