Six Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Dog’s Pet Health

As we tick off March 20th in our calendars spring is officially in the air! Spring is a time of rejuvenation, blooming, and…cleaning. With the snow melting—giving way to flowers it is time to bust out the pet health cleaning supplies and give our dogs a thorough spring cleaning.


Pet health experts advise, just like humans, that a preventative pet health check-up takes place once a year. So, what can pet parents do for doggie spring cleaning before taking our pets to the vet?


This pet health article walks pet parents through six tips to freshen their dog up with doggie spring cleaning!

One of the Most Important Parts of Pet Health: Physical

Speak with your dog groomer next time you bring your pet in for a grooming or give your pet an amateur physical yourself. (Sometimes it helps to have professional eyes take a look). Give them a head-to-tail inspection. Look at their nails, between their pads, eyes, ears, and mouth.


Look for unusual things or things that look out of the ordinary like contaminants getting stuck to the skin. Look at your dog\’s coat. Is there coat shiny and healthy looking? Is your dog gnawing at his skin? Fleas and ticks are active all times of the year but can be more prevalent in the spring so look out for bites.


Finally, even if you found nothing out of the ordinary, spring is a good reminder to take your dog for a veterinary physical just to ensure your pet\’s health is optimal.

Preventative Pet Health Care Through Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is part of preventative pet health care you can provide for your dog. Brushing prevents matting and restores the natural oils a dog produces to balance pH levels. Nails need to be trimmed regularly. When nails grow overly long they can torque the spine causing bad posture, discomfort, and are more likely to become ingrown.


Another dog grooming routine that needs to happen regularly is teeth brushing. Dental disease is on the rise, and the best way to take care of a pet\’s oral care is to brush their teeth. Bad breath, tartar buildup, and irritation of the gums are all red flags. Never use human toothpaste with dogs! It is toxic!

Inspect your Pet Supplies

Just as your dog\’s pet health relies on maintaining physical health, their equipment and pet supplies need to maintained too!


Wash your dog\’s collar, leash, and dog bowls. Dirt accumulates underneath the collar and irritates the skin. Also, check that your dog\’s collar is the appropriate size of their neck. Check for any cracks in their leash.


If any toys are chewed up and caked with saliva, it is probably time to throw them away! Bacteria will grow on dog bowls that have not been disinfected recently so be sure to do this.


Pet health is a continuous process, but let spring cleaning be a fun reminder!

Clean Out the Dog Toy Box

Any toys that are not passed the point of no return and just need a wash, go ahead and clean them. Rubber chews like KONG balls need to be boiled every once in awhile. Any toys that are too frayed and chewed up are better thrown away.


Inspect your pet\’s dog toy box itself. Does it need to be disinfected? Chances are it does. As pet supplies go in and out of the toy box, saliva-caked toys fester at the bottom of the bin collecting bacteria and mildew.


Clean Up Your Dog\’s Favorite Spots

Dog beds and blankets need to be cleaned routinely with hot water to kill any fleas that may have found their way into the foam. If your dog lounges on a particular couch cushion you will want to clean this area. Use a vacuum or a damp sponge to rake loose hairs off couch cushions. If the foam in your dog\’s bedding looks beyond repair, go ahead and replace it. Being proactive about cleaning is being proactive about pet health!


Scoopin\’ the Poopin\’

If you live in a Northern state, chances are no one has been outside for the past several months except for the dog to do his business. Grab the pooper scooper or a shovel and get the yard clean while everything is still frozen.


A clean yard—with animal wastes removed—is a good play area for your dog for the spring. If fecal matter is left without cleaning, this could present pet health issues.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wish you luck with your spring cleaning, and hope we can assist in keeping your pet healthy and happy!


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