dog during natural disaster

Are You and Your Pet Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

If there was an emergency and you had to evacuate in 10 minutes or less, do you have a plan for your pets? Take the initiative today to prepare and create an emergency preparedness plan that includes the safety of your pets.

What to do during a natural disaster

  • Always bring your pet with you during a natural disaster
  • Ensure that your pet is microchipped
  • Identify any pet friendly accommodations in advance
  • Always keep your pets medical records up to date

What not to do during a natural disaster

  • Travel without a pet carrier
  • Wait until last minute to make vet appointments
  • Leave your pet chained outside

Always be Prepared

Another important thing to note is that in every disaster scenario it\’s always safer to evacuate WITH your family and pets. However, keep it mind that boarding facilities such as kennels and animal shelters require that your pets have all of their vaccinations up to date. It\’s possible to be turned away if your pets don\’t have their vaccinations up to date. Many emergency shelters don\’t accept pets for health and safety reasons, so pet-friendly shelters usually fill up quickly.

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