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Dog Services: Pitbull Doggie Alarm Clock

Every pet parent has experienced this. The sun is still far from peaking above the East horizon and everything is quiet. Well, almost everything. You hear your dog stir. First, they shake off their slumber in a full body twist. Then comes the whining. It starts off a low pitch almost moan-like sound as if they are saying, \”Hey. Hey, you. I\’m awake, are you?\” As a pet owner myself and one that works in dog services, I am fluent in dog at this point.


Next, the groaning gets a little longer with a higher pitched shrillness at the end. \”Hey. I have to pee. Wake up. I\’m not on your schedule here.\” As a pet owner, you try and defy all on odds. Use some kind of Doggie-Jedi-mind-trick on your dog. You tell them they don\’t actually have to go for a walk, but in the back of your mind you know the inevitable dog services truth—they totally have to go out.


Third times the charm, well, at least for your dog. They whine again this time in the shrill alarm style that announces. \”I\’m not above peeing on your floor if you make me.\” Slowly. Reluctantly. You realize this and finally get up.


This is a dog services manifesto.


This video is the cinematic embodiment of this cycle of rest and walk, rest and walk. It is aptly titled, \”Pitbull Alarm Clock with Snooze Feature (cute dog),\” and was uploaded by YouTube user autoedit. It features a cute Pitbull named The Grey Dog which her parents fondly call Grey. She wakes her owner up repeatedly in the somnolent hours of the early morning.

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hope you enjoy the video! We sure did!


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