Dog Makes Amazing Tackle and Recovers Fumble

National Football League Should Look to Pet Supply For Defensive Line

One of the biggest incentives for dogs is small, round, and found at the pet supply store—a ball. Whether it’s a KONG rubber squeaker, or a professional leather cowhide football, dogs can’t get enough. They chase them down. Place them at our feets. Then plead, “Please throw the ball again.” It’s a symbiotic relationship between inanimate object and canine. There is nothing more pleasing than visiting the pet supply store, getting your dog’s favorite ball, and heading to the dog park for an old fashioned game of fetch. Dogs can’t stop. Won’t stop. One of the Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique’s favorite ball-fetch toys is the tennis ball flung from a lacrosse stick. Pet parents don’t even need to have to be Tom Brady to throw a perfect arched touchdown pass right to your dog\’s mouth with this pet supply toy.

That is why today’s viral video is home video footage of a dog making the best turnover play of any professional football career, titled “StanleyTackle.” The video was uploaded by YouTube user tayloredsales. It is steadily going viral and has over four hundred thousand views at the time of writing. The video is a true highlight reel. It is all of 38 seconds of glory. A family is playing with their pet supply football out in the backyard. A young kid is going long for a pass and catches the ball. No problem right? Wrong. One of the family dogs comes in hot and makes the tackle sending the kid spiraling to the ground, football knocked out before he is down. Fumble!

The dog, never missing a beat, swiftly recovers the fumble to make an impressive return on the turnover. This why dogs rule the pet supply aisle. Maybe even the sport of football. They have mastered fetch and now are moving on to a real challenge. Don’t worry the kid is okay. He gets up and quickly asks the cameraman, “Was that on film?”

Yes. Yes, it was. And we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique loved every second of it, and we hope you do too!


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