Puppies Try Peanut Butter for the First Time

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves to bring you videos of the most adorable puppies we can find, and this one tops the list. BuzzFeedVideo filmed a few puppies including a Boxer and a Labrador eating peanut butter for their first time. The video is titled, of course, Puppies Eat Peanut Butter For The First Time.

Watch as the cautious puppies smell the peanut butter, reluctant to eat it. They sniff and sniff. But don’t quite know what do with the almond colored goop that is peanut butter. They take a lick off the spoon. Their owners pour a chunk into their dog bowl, and as soon as they figure out the peanut butter is tasty, they start going crazy!

The puppies eat all the peanut butter and do the iconic hilarious licking when the peanut butter gets stuck to the top of their mouth. Adorable! Splash and Dash for Dogs enjoyed this cute video so much and we hope you do too!

Be careful as a pet owner. Some peanut butter can contain a chemical harmful for your dog. Please exercise proper pet care and know what is safe for your dog.

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