Animal Shelter Prank

Splash and Dash for Dogs has a great sense of humor. We watch videos from pet-depths of the internet ranging from cute dog videos, too animal rescues, but this is one of the funniest videos we’ve found. The video comes from YouTube user Rémi Gaillard, who is a famous European YouTube Prankster. His videos receive millions of hits within the first week of their posting. For good reasons. They are ridiculously funny.

The video is titled, ANIMAL PLANET (REMI GAILLARD) and features a role reversal. A woman goes into what she thinks is an animal shelter, but has no idea hidden cameras are capturing her reactions. The prank is that humans are the one in cages. The animals are the veterinarians. The funniest scene is when the woman walks into a staged surgery in which a human is laying on an operating table. A variety of animals dressed as surgeons are pretending to operate. The confused women just stares at the bizarre scene in front of her, not comprehending what is going on.

Splash and Dash for Dogs thought this was hilarious and we hope you have good laugh over it too!

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