Rescue Dog Gets New Home

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves to see stories of survival. There are thousands of stray cats and dogs in America and most of them are severely neglected. Nonprofits like the Humane Society of the United States and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals do so much to rescue these animals. They are true visionaries in the pet care world. This video is from the Humane Society and is titled, Dog rescued from serious neglect thriving in new home. The video is about Piper–a mixed breed rescue puppy–and her new owner Julie. Piper was found in a puppy mill in Ohio. She was missing one eye, most of her teeth, and could barely stand on her own. The conditions in the cage Piper was found in were disgusting and unsanitary. The Human Society took action and rescued Piper. They found her a new home with Julie and she is doing much better. Piper is currently rehabilitating and learning to walk on her own. She has gained a lot of weight and looks so much healthier! Julie bought a backpack to put her in when walking because she doesn’t have the stamina to walk with the other dogs. Splash and Dash for Dogs chooses to post videos like this because we believe in the efforts of these non-profits and encourage others to watch, donate, and adopt a rescue of their own.

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