A Wolf Rescue was Walking Down the Streets of L.A.

Amazing Rescue Dog Story: Julia the Wolf


Well, she’s actually a wolf-hybrid, at least that\’s what the employees at Hope for Paws think about the breeding of this curious dog rescue.


It all started when Hope for Paws received a text stating that there was a wolf walking down the streets of Los Angeles. Dog rescue workers including Lisa Chiarelli, a public figure in the dog rescue community, drove down to investigate.


They immediately spotted the dog they later named Julia. The poor little doggie made it easy for the dog rescue workers by immediately walking into a yard with a gate on it. Chiarelli closed the door, blocking off Julia until they could get a leash on her. The workers fed her hamburger scraps and spoke soothingly with her to earn the dog\’s trust.


Once they were able to get closer they could see that Julia was suffering. The rescue dog had infected paws with overly grown nails and mange—a skin diseased caused by mites. Dog rescue staff, with Chiarelli, were able to get Julia into the car and take her to a local veterinary care center.  Veterinarians treated Julia for mange, multiple bacterial infections, and malnutrition.  


A week after the dog rescue mission, Julia was living at a foster home where she was able to get all the loving, food, and socialization she needed to be adopted. Julia\’s story has a happy ending.


At the time of writing, ART N\’ Paws dog rescue found Julia a loving home, and we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are so glad!


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