Splash and Dash for Dogs: Rescue Video Tugs Heartstrings

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves to bring you stories of survival. Every year thousands of poor animals roam the streets, abandoned, and looking for a home. Non-profits around the world like Howl of a Dog–based out of Romania–do their part to try and rescue these animals before it’s too late. This video from Howl of a Dog’s YouTube channel titled, “Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart,” introduces us to Zuzi.

Zuzi is a mixed breed dog that was living in a company’s parking lot. The poor dog had to endure a cold Romanian winter and was chased by dogcatchers that used a catchpole traumatizing her. Howl of a Dog was notified and decided to intervene before Zuzi ended up in the city pound. It was reported that Zuzi would take scraps from humans, but because of her incident with the dogcatchers was too skittish to be rescued by usual methods. Howl of a Dog contacted a veterinarian for supervision and was able to tranquilize Zuzi so they could transport her to a safe facility. Video footage shows Zuzi after therapy. She is doing much better, but has never gotten used to being led on a walk, and prefers playing in a fenced backyard. Zuzi was adopted and is now living in happily in Canada. This is a story with a happy ending, and Splash and Dash for Dogs urges you to get involved, donate, and show support to your local pet shelter.

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