Splash and Dash for Dogs: What Cats Do At Night

Cats are can be weird sometimes and Splash and Dash for Dogs knows this. Cats also tend to be nocturnal–sleeping all day and pranking all night. From the YouTube channel Cole and Marmalade, a channel that shows the antics of Tabby and Black cats named of course Cole and Marmalade. Cole is the black cat and Marmalade is the Tabby.

In this video Cole and Marmalade’s owners set up night vision cameras around their house so that viewers can see all the shenanigans these two kitties get into while everyone else is sleeping. Multiple cameras placed in the living room, bedroom, and hallway capture all the cat playtime.

The night vision shows their eyes light up throughout the whole late night escapade. Viewers can watch the cats jump all over the furniture, play-fight with each other, and even paw at the camera. If your cat sleeps all day they might be up at night up to similar antics. If you like this video stay tuned to Splash and Dash for Dogs blog posts, or subscribe to Cole and Marmalade to see more.

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