Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches, Los Angeles

Whether you\’re a Los Angeles resident or soaking up the sun as a tourist, lounging on the beach is a must for the California summer. From the rocky west coast shores to the local surf spots, LA County beaches just have that salty magnetism we all crave. But who wants to leave the poor dog at home while we\’re lying out at the beach? Our dogs deserve a good soak too! No worries, LA County, and the surrounding area have plenty of dog friendly beaches outside of the city.

Dog owners and their furry four-legged kids can both share the fun in the sun thanks to this list of off-leash dog beaches and leashed dog friendly beaches all species can enjoy!

Here are the top 8 dog friendly beaches in the LA County area. Enjoy!

1. Rosie\’s Dog Beach

Rosie\’s is the most popular off-leash dog beach in the LA County. The public art of \”Dogs at Play\” pretty much makes this stretch of sand the official canine hot spot to throw a Frisbee and build sand castles right off Ocean Boulevard.

Rosie\’s is usually full of dogs but are never too packed that you\’ll be cramped for space. The off-leash area is clearly marked off so you can rest assured your pooch will be fine while you tan. Dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome here!

The beach has all the human and doggie amenities like trash cans, bags, scoops, and restrooms for the pet parents. Parking is 25 cents every 15 minutes (this is LA we\’re talking about) and is free after 5 p.m. The only downfall is that during the summer months the place can be a little trashed. If you do choose to visit, please do your part and pick up after yourself and your dog.

2. Granada Beach

Also, a part of Belmont Shore Beach, like Rosie\’s, is Granada Beach which shares the same dog friendly attitude that it\’s sister beach does. The official dog beach zone is between Roycroft and Argonne avenues. This stretch runs along Ocean Boulevard. You can\’t miss it. Sometimes the area is marked off by cones but it there is no clear fence to show the boundary lines.

Also just like Rosie\’s, dogs can go without a leash—free to run and play along the shores beating the heat. The beach has lively spirits and has several large events year-round that draw in big crowds. On an average day, you can relax while your dog plays, play volleyball at one of the many courts, or ride bikes down the paved trails.

3. Del Mar Beach

The locals call the North side of this place the \’the dog beach\’ because it has an open coast line for all-things-Rover. Not only does Del Mar have an amazing beach, there are also two state parks tucked in its crevice—Seagrove Park and Powerhouse Park.

The North beach spans from 29th street to border with Solana Beach and dogs are fine to be off their leash in this area. The leash policy is dependent on the time of the year. Dogs must be leashed June 16th through Labor Day. Dogs able to run under \’voice control of owner\’ from the day after Labor Day through June 15th.

4. Huntington Dog Beach

A little further south, in Orange County, rests Hunting Dog Beach which is another amazing dog beach. Dogs are allowed between Seapoint Street and 21st Street. Although there are signs indicating the city ordinance of a six-foot leash requirement, locals know this is not enforced. The reality is, if you have a dangerous or rowdy dog then it will be a problem. If your dog knows how to play well—everything will be fine. Remember this is California!

Huntington dog beach is great because there is plenty of room for dogs to run and splash in the waves. A grassy park, picnic tables, restrooms & showers are all there for your enjoyment. In the rear, the Pacific Coast Highway is barricaded by palm trees and an eroding bluff. Purrfect weather!

If you get hungry, take a quick drive up Goldenwest and you will land at the Park Bench Cafe—a dog friendly joint that serves up some really delicious specialties.

5. Coronado Dog Beach

For vacationers willing to drive or already visiting San Diego County there is a picturesque beach called Coronado Dog Beach. Like all beaches in California, the scenery is gorgeous, but the Point Loma skyline floating on the horizon just makes the place feel special. On the other side is the elegant Hotel Del Coronado giving each periphery a great view. Trust us, your Pug appreciates the scenery.

The dog beach itself is off-leash and has plenty of room for dogs to run in the sand and in the shallows. Be prepared for a long walk from Ocean Boulevard, where parking is available to the beach, and make sure you keep your dog leashed until you get to the actual beach.

Leo Carrillo State Park

6. North Beach

Part of Leo Carrillo State Park is North Beach which lowers down into South Beach and finally Staircase Beach. The beaches are tucked into Western Malibu and are dog friendly so long as Fido stays on his leash. This a perfect place to take a lovely stroll with your dog and you can always use a life-hack method and tie their leash around your umbrella.

7. South Beach

Just a little further down in the Leo Carrillo State Park, beach visitors find a rockier point of the beach—South Beach. This area is also dog friendly but your dog still must remain on his leash. This area is really cool! There is a cavernous-rocky area known as Sequit point with tidal pools and caves to explore.

The best time to do this at low tide. If you take your dog with you to explore, make sure they have some doggie booties to protect their paws from the rough edges of the rocks. There are also some hiking trails you can take your pupper on to explore.

8. Staircase Beach

This beach is a famous spot for surfers to paddle out in the waters that parallel Malibu\’s coast, but dogs are more than welcome too! There are two ways to access Staircase beach. The first is by parking at the state park’s manager residence and the other way is to park at North Beach\’s parking lot and walk down the beach. There is a zigzag trail through the bluffs but this is a rocky area and might be tough for your dogs to walk through.

If it\’s too rocky, keep heading south and it will turn into sand. Dogs are fine here as long as they are on the leash.


There you have it. The eight spots that have the California-citrusy-sun and have open arms to the dog friendly crowd. These dog friendly beaches in Los Angeles are fun for the whole family, even the furry ones.  Remember to wear sunscreen, bring extra water in a bowl for your dog, and enjoy the summer!


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