Watch this Goofy Video of a Dog Flying!

Splash and Dash for Dogs couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched this crazy special effects video posted by YouTube channel ScottDW. The video is called FLYING DOG BRINGS JOY!, and is nothing short of what the title suggests. The first few seconds of the video starts off normal–a guy in the suburbs taking his dog for a walk. Things get really ridiculous after this as the dog starts to levitate for the rest of his walk. The man dances around with some wacky dance moves that are hilarious. As the video streams we watch as dog and owner walk through a park where a woman is sunbathing. The woman looks up amazed. She asks the the man, “May I walk your dog?” The man agrees, but first tells her she must wear special sandals. He pulls the sandals out of the bag, and you will have to watch the video to see what happens next. Splash and Dash for Dogs doesn’t want to spoil anything!

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