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Dog Grooming – Why Do Dogs Shed?

After vacuuming for the umpteenth time this week, you’re probably looking at your dog going, “Why do you shed so much?!” Perhaps you’re even more curious about why your dog is shedding because it’s not like the seasons are changing. It’s not like there is any legitimate, environmental reason that your dog should be shedding—at least that’s how it appears. Scientists have wondered for the longest time what makes dogs shed and why do their coats grow in and out in an endless cycle?


\"full_service_small_pet_groomers\"The Length of the Hair Growth Cycle

When you investigate dog grooming and shedding, you’re going to find that all dog breeds have different cycles when it comes to when they shed. Some dogs go through 30 day cycles and some dogs go through yearly cycles depending on their breed.


What Your Dog’s Coat Can Tell You About Your Dog

  • Allergies
  • Chemical Imbalances
  • Dietary Deficiencies
  • Fevers
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Parasites
  • Skin Conditions
  • Spinal Issues
  • Stress

Reasons for Shedding

If your dog is shedding excessively or in an unexpected pattern, your dog could be suffering from one of the following:



If you’ve noticed increased shedding and you attend regular dog grooming in your town, then the shedding may be due to an allergic reaction. If you recently went in for dog grooming, it could be in response to the shampoo. If you recently changed your dog’s diet, it may be due to an ingredient. Through process of elimination, you should be able to find the reason behind the shedding.


Hormonal Reasons

Your dog’s shedding may have changed due to changes in your dog’s hormones. If you believe your dog is having hormonal imbalances in any \"small_dog_grooming\"way, you should see your local vets immediately.


Lactation and Pregnancy

If your dog has recently given birth, your mama dog may be shedding more than normal and this would also be due to hormone imbalances. You will want to keep up with your vet as your mother dog goes through the pregnancy or nursing phases. Talk to your vet before taking your pregnant or lactating dog to dog grooming because your dame may be sensitive physically or emotionally.


Seasonal Shedding

You will likely notice increased shedding a few times a year. This is due to the season need for more or less fur that is instilled in the genetics of every dog. You should take notice every time your dog increases shedding throughout the year so you know when to expect increased shedding in your dog and when something might be off. With seasonal shedding, Post navigation

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