4 Labor Day Holiday Ideas for Dog Owners

Make the Most of Labor Day With Your Dog

Monday the 5th is Labor Day, but we’ll be celebrating it all weekend at Splash and Dash for Dogs. Labor day is great! You might find yourself barbecuing in the backyard, camping, surfing at the beach, or heading to out to the bar to celebrate. But don’t forget your dogs at home. Pets are family and are hard workers too. Here are some tips for pet owners to include their dog into the festivities.

Enjoy the Sun at the Dog Beach

Even if you don’t live in California, there are still dog beaches by all bodies of water, and if you’re fortunate to live within driving distance of the beach, take your dog! Dog beaches are gaining in popularity and are great places to take off the leash and let your dog roam the shore. Remember to bring a water bowl, extra waste bags, and treats even if you’re just hanging for a little while.

Water dogs love the dog beach because they can doggie paddle for hours in the shallow water and chase after the seagulls. Nothing makes a dog happier than running around in the surf while you relax in the sun. Even if your dog isn’t the biggest fan of water, the dog beach is a great place for your dog to just run around and socialize with other dogs.

The beach is amazing for dogs because can get all that energy out, and will be nice and sleepy when you get home! If your dog gets a little too soggy at the beach you can always bring them to Splash and Dash for Dogs for a bath and grooming to get all the sand out.

Relax at the Resort

For those of you who enjoy relaxing over partying there are still ways to include the pets in the weekend holiday. Hotels with spa packages, golf courses, or just a regular hotel with a pool, are often pet-friendly and even include dog walking trails and excise spots. Even resorts that are pet-friendly, but don’t offer pet activities have amenities like on-site doggy day care. And if you’re on a budget there are plenty of fun hostels with no pet fee everywhere.

There are pet-friendly vacation sites all over the country, but one of Splash and Dash for Dog’s favorite places is Devil’s Thumb Ranch. This place is great for pet owners because it features numerous packages of lodging, spa experiences, and 6,000 acres of play space for your pets. The ranch is also is sustainably focused which is great for the planet.

If you are planning on booking a room, remember that pet friendly rooms are in high demand so call ahead and book early! You and your dog don’t want miss out on all the holiday celebrations.

Hiking and Camping

If you\’re the outdoors type, and your dogs can handle terrain you might consider hiking or camping for the Labor Day weekend. Camping sites are a great place to find yourself secluded in the wilderness for a breath of fresh air. This is also a great place for your dog to get in touch with their canine roots. Whether you want to “rough it” and pitch tents to cook over an open fire, rent an RV, or set up base in a cabin for some hiking, there are tons of awesome pet-friendly options everywhere!

A Splash and Dash for Dog’s recommendation is Adventure Bound Camping Resort in Gatlinburg, TN. This place encourages you to bring your dog to enjoy the 500 foot slide, hiking trails, pool, fishing sites, and a great place to make s\’mores by the campfire. Your dog will love the great outdoors and best of all there is no pet fee!

Have a Cocktail With Your Dog Nearby

Most metropolises have adopted the idea of dog bars. It’s the newest trend in pet-friendly drinking and a fun place for you to get a refreshing cocktail and play with your dog this Labor Day weekend. Some bars are pet-friendly, but are not advertised as a dog bar. You would be surprised to know find out that many bars are opening their doors to our four-legged friends. Of Course if your bar offers food or smoking inside this is not a good place to bring them.
The Dog Bar which is part of the pet franchise started in 2005. The newest location is in St. Petersburg, FL. The Dog Bar serves liquor, craft-beer, and wine with over twenty taps from local microbreweries in the area. These features are for humans only. The pet features are the 5,000 sq. feet of both “on leash” and “off leash” areas for dogs to play with one another. The Dog bar has all the amenities a regular sports bar like T.V.s and live music. The Dog bar also has a dog supervisor who watches over the dogs while you’re drinking, so you don’t need to worry while you enjoy your drink. Please be safe this holiday and don’t drink and drive, especially with your dogs in the car.

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