Ever Wanted to Watch Finding Nemo, but with Cute Kittens?

Splash and Dash for Dogs is huge fan of all things cute and pet related. Coming from The Pet Collective YouTube channel, you can watch a “petody,” a parody but with pets. This particular one is called Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo(Cute Kitten Version), and I will bet just like Pixar, the channel will be doing a sequel for Finding Dory. The Pet Collective has both movie ‘Petodies,’ and music ‘Petodies,’ so any Taylor Swift fans can watch Pugs and kittens act their favorite pop songs. In most of the channel’s Petody videos, children voices narrate the story of the movie while the kittens act it out. It’s like a puppet show with felines. This petody tells the whole story of the classic kids movie Finding Nemo and is great to watch with the kids. Other movies The Pet Collective have parodied include Frozen, Star Wars, and even Titanic for the kitty Dicaprio fans.

This channel just doesn’t do parodies. The Pet Collective has videos that can satisfy any pet lovers viral dream. Splash and Dash for Dogs found video clusters like The Most Epic Pugs and Amazing Animals Facts! are cute and informative. My personal favorite is the BEST.DAY.EVER playlist which are videos of cats having their best day ever–pretty much every day. The video shows cats playing with their scratch posts, eating treats, and lounging around the house, i.e the best day ever. I can watch these over and over again, especially when I need some quick laughs.

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