7 Hacks for Dog Owners

Splash and Dash for Dogs brings you the BuzzFeedVideo titled, 7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know. It’s true. Every dog owner should know these for good pet care. All these tips and hacks are super simple, super easy, and super convenient. Their helpful for those tight jams dog owners get into when cash is low, or your you don’t have much time.

Does your dog shed a lot? Dog Hair Everywhere? You need to get the hair up for proper pet care. Use a squeegee or damp rubber gloves to for easy hair removal. It’s a cheap, easy, and effective method. The rubber bottom of squeegees naturally lift the hair while a damp glove become a natural adhesive. These methods pick up all those stubborn dog hairs that get stuck to the couch or carpet.

Does your dog eat too quickly? Simply place a tennis ball inside their bowl with their food. The obstruction will slow down their ingestion rate. Dogs get excited during meal time, and this leads them to eat too fast and get sick afterwords. Not anymore!

Out of carpet cleaner? Baking soda words just as well. It will clean the area and won’t leave chemical residues that can make your dog sick. Just apply, let soak, then vacuum away the mess.

Need to run into the store quickly, but don’t want to leave your dog in the heat of the car? Are all the poles to wide to get their collar around? Use a carabiner with the leash to create a loop that’s wide enough to fit.

Out of flea shampoo and need a quick and cheap supplement? Mix together four cups of water, one cup of dish soap, and one cup of vinegar. Mix and let your dog soak for five minutes.  You have a cheap and practical flea shampoo.

Have trouble getting your dog to sit still while your brush their teeth? Let them brush their own teeth. Simply apply your dog’s toothpaste to their favorite chew toy. Then get them interested. They’ll play with the toy and brush their teeth at the same time! So easy!

Need an impromptu dog toy when on a road trip? Take a water bottle, a few treats, and some scissors. Insert a dog treats into the water bottle then cut a few holes in the water bottle so your dog can smell the treats. This also lets the water bottle crinkle. Splash and Dash for Dogs recommends this for small dog breeds only. Larger dogs will be able to rip into the plastic and this could be a possible choking hazard.

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