Splash and Dash for Dogs: Fido Vs. Robot Dog

Fido Vs. Robot Dog

Splash and Dash for Dogs of course loves dogs, but we never thought about robotic dogs. The future is now!

Google’s Boston Dynamics group is known for making quadruped robots that are designed to resemble and move like dogs. Their latest invention can lean back on it’s hind, and go into a “play” stance just like a real dog could.

The YouTube user juvertson filmed a real dog–a Schnauzer named Fido–play fighting with their robot named Spot. Fido runs around in circles around the robot barking the whole time. The way he looks at the Robot one can tell he’s asking himself “What the heck is this thing?” The video also shows off the incredible realistic mobility of Boston Dynamic’s robot.

Spot is the only robot in civilian hands. You can hear each the engineers cheering Fido on as he attempts to herd the robot. The video is called Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot and it has over 2 million hits already.

Splash and Dash for Dogs will be keeping up with any really cool innovations like this, but you won\’t be able to find Spot in a pet store.

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