Splash and Dash for Dogs: Chef Dog

Splash and Dash for Dogs Gives you Chef Dog


Splash and Dash for Dogs brings you this hilarious video. YouTube user Markiplier is a YouTube channel that posts ridiculous videos ranging from game reviews too reaction compilations to pop culture. There latest installment is titled, Chef Dog. The video is hilarious! It begins with a close shot of a person’s hands preparing a meal of spaghetti and sauteed vegetables. Classical music is played in the background. The video cuts to a shot where the chef plates the food.

A glass of champagne is even poured, which Splash and Dash for Dogs couldn’t help but notice was spilled on the table. However, when the chef sits down, instead of a human face, we see a cute Golden Retriever. The hands grabs at the food and puts it toward the dog’s face, but by the end of the video the dog has given up the charade. The retriever puts his face down to the plate and just starts eating. The hands dance around emphatically.

We at Splash and Dash for Dogs thought this video was great and we hope you do too!

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