Amazing Story of Wild Red Fox Making Friends with Dog

Pet Care in Norway Shows Fox Befriending Dog

Mother nature is a very curious and mysterious force with rules that some creatures are able to break at their will. We have seen pet care videos of Dachshund dogs kissing lions, Polar Bears playing with Huskies, and now a video of a Red Fox playing with a German Shepherd. Today’s viral video comes from Norway where the latter of the three amazing love connections of animals occurred. The pet care video is titled, “A Wild Fox And A Dog Met In The Woods…Next Is Going To Melt Your Heart.”

The video features Sniffer, the Red Fox, and Tinni the domesticated German Shepherd, ignoring natural instincts and becoming inseparable friends. The video shows a true bond. Tinni belongs to Torgeir Berge, a photographer who lives in the woods. After ne noticed that the two animals were playing with each other, Berge decided to make a pet care book he plans on titling, “The Fox and the Dog.” The Norwegian photographer hopes the pet care book will bring awareness to Norway’s controversial fox-fur trade. The book will chronicle the adventures of the Tinni and the Sniffer–the “dog of the forest,” in hopes that more Norwegians will see foxes in a new light.

The video features a soundtrack that narrates the fun times the fox and dog have while running around in the forest playing together. The two chase, wrestle, and snuggle together. It’s amazing that the two are able to ignore thousands of years of primordial instinct to separate differences and just play together. Foxes can be domesticated, but it takes an enormous amount of patients and pet care to own a fox. They are like a dog that will forever be in the teething destructive part of puppyhood. Without exercise and mental stimulation, they have a tendency to be very destructive when in a house.

They are beautiful creatures.

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