Dog Rescue Works with Security to Save Homeless Dog

Pet Safety Services Hope For Paws Saves German Shepherd

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique supports pet safety rescues all over the nation who do their part in saving stray animals roaming the streets. Many of these animal rescue shelters make YouTube videos that show their efforts. Not only can viewers see the pet safety practices used to catch dogs, but it also brings awareness to the homeless animal population in America. The numbers are in the millions. This video is from Hope for Paws–a non-profit animal rescue operating in Los Angeles, California.

Hope for Paws often films their pet safety rescues so that viewers interested in adoption can watch the dog’s story. Today’s viral video is from Hope for Paws and is titled, “Security guards rush to help Hope For Paws rescue a homeless German Shepherd.” The video features the rescue of Mozart, a homeless German Shepherd who was living in the parking lot of a clinic. The clinic called for pet safety professionals, and Lisa Arturo and other Hope for Paws employees arrived on the scene.

Hope for Paws made sure that Mozart wasn’t any of the patient\’s dog before moving in to catch the dog and bring him to the hospital. They were assured that he wasn’t. Clinic security guards helped by closing their gates making sure that Mozart would be safe inside the parking lot, and couldn’t run out into the busy L.A. street. Good pet safety measure. Hope for Paws employees was able to get a leash around Mozart and eased him into a crate to transport him to a veterinary hospital.

It was clear that Mozart was a stray when the cameraman comments, “He smells like a dead dog,” and what made it even more apparent is that Mozart had no chip and was not neutered. The dog was cleaned and given lots of love. He is currently still up for adoption, but seeing as this video is going viral, Splash and Dash thinks that won’t be for long.

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