Hilarious Compilation Video of Dogs Getting the Brazilian Blowout

The Aftermath of Dog Grooming: The Brazilian Blowout

Dog grooming is about passion, it’s about the art, it is about the dogs looking like Marilyn Monroe standing over the breeze from the subway vent pushing her dress down. (Sorry we couldn’t help but make that comparison, but if you watch the video, we think you will agree with us). Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique must mention that our dog grooming ends with hand drying, then a gentle brush out. If you want your dog to get the Brazilian blowout, I’m sure our groomers would oblige and do it safely.

A Brazilian Blowout is a special type of anti-frizzing regimen humans can do to their hair, but the hilarious YouTube channel The Pet Collective has attributed it to one of the final stages of dog grooming–blow-drying. The video is aptly called the \”Brazilian Blowout Pets Video Compilation 2016,\” and shows dogs who love the blowout, dogs who hate the blowout, and even a chicken or two. This is dog grooming at it’s finest.

One of Splash and Dash’s personal favorites was the Himalayan cat toward the end of the video. The parallels between this poor guy, with a blow-dryer in his face, and grumpy kitty in every scenario ever, are too priceless. Cats with permanent frowns are adorable and washing them can be a pain, but when it comes to blow-drying them, forget it. That frown is going to be worn proud and strong.

Dog grooming can be a hassle, but if don’t correctly, and done with love, it is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world.

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