Bandit the Pug Can’t Handle the Truth

Dog Grooming 101 Dog’s are Very Sensitive Creatures

We just found the goldmine of funny dog reactions. Pugs are naturally pretty darn cute. Wrinkly face. Buggy eyes. Even when they’re going bonkers while barking at the neighbors through the window, there is an undertone of intrinsic cuteness. Today’s viral video captures all the Pugg-y goodness, right down to some of the bad behavior. It made everyone over here at the dog grooming boutique laugh out loud.

The video was uploaded by All of These Videos, a YouTube channel that posts all kinds of viral videos outside of dog grooming interests and in. The video is titled, “Pug Gets Scolded – Takes it Hard” and features Bandit–the pug–and his owner having a very serious conversation about some of Bandit’s habits. Bandit’s owner drops his voice in a very serious southern accent that resembles Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. Bandit immediately drops his head in shame.

Bandit’s owner says, “We need to talk. You know sometimes you have bad habits. Like you lick everything. All the time. Nonstop.” The poor pug instantly wrinkles his face feeling the remorse. You can hear Bandit squirming, and even starts sadly moaning when his owner brings up the fact that he chases Bigfoot, “the big kitty.”

Things take a turn.

Bandit’s owner stops scolding the him, and asks the pug “Are you going to be a better puppy? You could try? You ready to try and be a better dog? Ok that’s good.” Bandit stands up and tilts his head–the ultimate sign that he knows he’s cute and he’s willing to do anything for some petting and maybe even a dog treat.

We know “the look” in dog grooming. We get “the look” daily.

We really loved this video at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique and we hope you enjoy it too!

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