Poor Dog Gets New Legs After Being Attacked

Pet News: Dog Gets New Legs and New Home

Warning:This video contains graphic dog rescue footage and may not be appropriate for young ages.

For every story of bravery and beauty in the world of pet news, you read stories about how horrible some people treat animals. Today’s viral video has both. The video tells us the story of Cola, a 9-month-old dog living in Thailand. The dog was brutally attacked by a neighbor who was seeking revenge for the dog chewing his shoes. Cola’s owner tried to pay for the shoes, but the neighbor couldn’t be reasoned with and “punished” the dog.

Cola lost her two front legs during the attack. Animal advocates partnering with the Soi Dog foundation were able to rescue Cola and get him to a veterinary clinic. Cola was treated for her injury and was able to get prosthetic legs that she is learning to walk and run with. What is even more heartwarming pet news is that Cola was adopted, and his new mommy has prosthetic legs too.

Reporters from Inside Edition state that the two enjoy long walks down the beach where Cola’s new home is. This is an amazing story that had a happy ending, but not all pet news shares the same ending as Cola’s. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique shares videos like this to help bring awareness to suffering of animals worldwide and encourages those interested to get involved in their local rescues.

YouTube Channel Inside Edition uploaded this video titled “Dog Gets Prosthetics After Neighbor Horrifically Slashed His Legs With A Sword.”

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