Bored of the Usual Tricks for Your Dog and Want to Advance Their Training?

At Splash and Dash for Dogs we make your dog’s coat look great, but what’s a great coat without some cool tricks to match? The first few basic tricks owners teach their dogs is usually sit, stay, and maybe even lay down. Ms Mojo, the YouTube channel, has assembled 10 advanced and unique tricks for viewers to watch and practice. Some you can even learn at home, others you may have to leave to the professionals like teaching your dog to drive a car. We here at Splash and Dash for Dogs do not recommend teaching your dog to drive, but there are a few others on this list you may want to try. Reinforcement with petting, praise, and treats is the approved method for teaching tricks.


This is a little more advanced than your standard paw or shake. A few adjustments need to be made to make a an open palm high-five with your dog holding the high-five contact for longer. Your dog must already know the command shake or paw before learning high five. Present your hand open palm toward your dog and use the verbal cue “high-five,” and your dog will naturally adapt to the more advanced “high-five” over shake and paw.

9-Roll Over

Once your dog masters lay down, the next step is the famous (and sometimes infamous) rollover. The best way to get your dog to start rolling is to first get them in the lay down position by prompting them with this command. Next, take a treat in hand and rotating the treat around your dog’s head. By doing this, you can get them to go through the motions of the classic roll over. It is easier to start with lay down–over sit–because this is extra work as the video points out.


Some dogs are high energy and dance is a fun trick to teach your dog that incorporates their natural energy into an appropriate outlet. By use of treats, the first step is getting your dog comfortable on their hind legs. Once they reach this comfort level reward them and use verbal cues. As they progress in dance steps through hand gestures soon you can get your dog to perform all the motions of the Cha-Cha Slide.

7-Peek A Boo

This is one of the cutest tricks for your dog and is actually pretty easy. A dog who knows how to shake, paw, or high-five is almost there. There are two ways to get your dog to peek a boo. The first is to lightly apply tape to your dog\’s forehead above the eyes. Do not push the tape on. Place the tape lightly enough to ensure easy removal and never put your dog in any discomfort. Once the tape is on, your dog will naturally swipe at it with their paw. Just reward this swiping behavior and your dog will be Peek-A-Booing in no time. The other way is to have your dog shake, and then physically take the paw through the motions of the peek a boo, and reward as your dog achieves.

6-Open Doors

How can a dog without an opposable thumb open a door? Easy. Take your dog’s tug toy or favorite cloth and tie it the door handle. With treats, praise, and a little prompting, you can get your dog to tug at the cloth and open doors. This trick works best with door levers–not knobs–because there is less rotating involved. Of Course, never tie cloth to doors you don’t want your dog getting into like the front door leading out of the house.

5-Balance a Treat, or Leave It

One of the biggest temptations for dogs is to immediately go after food or treats. Balancing a treat, or leave it, helps discipline a dog by exercising self restraint, and is recommended by trainers. The first step is to extend a treat to your dog, but only give it to them once you give them the verbal command. If your dog attempts to eat the treat before you give the verbal cue, close your hand, stopping them from getting the treat. Once they have mastered this restraint, you can translate the command into balancing treats on their nose, leaving treats on the ground, or in your hand.

4-Play Dead

This trick is based off roll over, but is far more popular in style. Just as you did with other body maneuvering tricks, take treats in your hand and guide your dog into the intended position. Once there on their sides, reward them. Once they have learned the verbal command you can advance by incorporating fun hand gestures, or funny verbal commands like saying ‘Fire in the hole.’

3-Fetch Me a Drink

We’ve all been there. You just got off work and you’re reclining in your chair and want a drink from the fridge without getting up. Here’s an idea, teach your dog to do it! This trick is pretty in depth and requires dogs to be able fetch from command, hold objects in their mouth for an extended amount of time, and be able to open the fridge door. By combining these three tricks into one elaborate one, you will successfully get your dog to fetch a drink. If your dog breed is small, this trick may be unsafe to learn.


This is one of the most impressive feats of agility for a dog and is one crazy party trick. Before you try this at home Splash and Dash for Dogs strongly encourages owners to make sure their dogs have no prior back injuries and are in good enough shape to pull this maneuver off. Please check with your veterinarian to ensure your dog is physically capable of backflips before you start training. Teaching backflip is like other motor skill tricks. Walk your dog through the motions with a treat in your hand and navigating them through the motion. Spiral and pivot your hand in the motion around your dog’s head, and the rest of his body will follow. Use of frisbees or other fetch toys can also help in the process.


This is one trick that is not only for humans. Many dogs have learned how to hop up on a skate deck and start pushing their way around on wheels. Dogs are actually better prepared for skating than humans because they have four legs and better balance. The first trick is to get your dog comfortable on top of the board. Use padding like a small rug or mat which will get them stabilized. Use treats for incentive. Once they are comfortable on the board, begin slowly pushing the skateboard with them on top. Soon your dog will be a master skater and a big hit at dinner parties.

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