Have a ASenior Dog that Needs Comfort with No Cost?

Do you have a new puppy? A stressed out senior dog? Or are you just trying to calm your dog down during the highly stressful times? Splash and Dash for Dogs have found an easy, free, and able way of getting your dog to relax. The YouTube channel Relax My Dog–Relaxing Music for Dogs releases playlists of music for all different types of occasions for soothing your dogs.

Dogs hear sounds two-octave levels higher than humans do, and Relax my Dog expert producers have compiled playlists that can put your stressed-out pooch in a serene place. The YouTube channel uses sweep technology that is designed to sound like a dog whistle. The sound is a high-pitched noise that is woven into the melodies of all the music played.

This music is safe and very comforting for dogs. Many dogs get upset or scared during the holiday fireworks and thunderstorms, and Relax my Dog has made a specific video playlist called, “3 Hours of Relaxation Music for Dogs, Calm Them During Firework Displays and Thunderstorms!” If you have an anxious dog, that is prone to barking or whimpering during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, this is an excellent tool.

Just play the music at moderate volume near your dog and watch before your eyes as your doggie naturally calms himself down.

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