Have You Ever Wondered What Dog Breeds Made Your Beloved Rescue Dog? You Are Not Alone.

Splash and Dash for Dogs has found a really interesting BuzzFeed video called, Rescue Dogs Get Their DNA Tested. The video shows several different owners taking in their mix-breed rescues and having the doggies’ DNA tested to find out exactly what their parents were. First, they ask the owners what kind of dogs they think make up the genetic of their dog. One of the dogs–Bell–looks just like a Beagle, and that is exactly what her owner says. Later they find out she is actually a Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel mix. Another pet owner with their dog Humphrey, found out his dog was a pure breed American Staffordshire Terrier and not a mix breed at all! Crazy! When you adopt a dog you don’t always know what breeds they have in their blood line and the guessing game is part of the fun. There are dog DNA testing kits available for purchase if you ever want to really know for sure. We at Splash and Dash for Dogs thought this was a really interesting video and we hope you did too!

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