This Video Combines Two of Our Favorite Things. Puppies! Star Wars!

One of Splash and Dash for Dog’s favorite Youtube channels–The Pet Collective–has another pet parody which they call “petodies” for the Star Wars franchise, and this one has puppies. It’s called Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens. With Disney taking over the series, and releasing a new movie last year, the pet franchise had a release of their own. This video features edits together other viral videos posted by various YouTube users for an epic parody. The video plays like a commercial promoting puppies from both side of the force, the Barkside, and the Jedogs. There are explosions, space battles, and The Pet Collective even edited lightsabers onto dogs as if they were fighting interstellar battles. This video is great for puppy fans and Star Wars fans alike.

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