Find Out What Happens when Husky’s Owner Leaves

Behind the Scene Antics of Gohan When his Dad goes to the Pet Shop

Gohan the Husky\’s dad decided to do a little experiment. The experiment is definitely in the mildly interesting category, but needless to say, we watched the whole video waiting for a climactic moment.  Gohan\’s dad decided to attach a GoPro to his dog to find out what the doggie did while he was out. Lucky for Gohan his dad was running to the pet shop to get him some turkey bacon dog treats.

Gohan did, well, just what you would expect him to do—not much. As soon as his owner left, Gohan immediately butts his head against the door to see if this doomsday prophecy of being left alone had, in fact, come true. It had. Gohan was alone in the house. He immediately races to the bedroom to watch the car pull out of the driveway commencing the forty minute drive to the pet shop.

What will happen next?

Nap time of course! Gohan, like all great dogs, lies down for a nap. What more could ask of a dog? After he is fully rested he tromps around the house using his nose as his guide. He sniffs the place down at a turtle-like speed awaiting his dad\’s return from the pet shop. After he is done seeing the sights Gohan returns to his owner\’s room and half-heartedly plays with his snake dog toy. He nudges the toy with his nose as if to say, \”If only my owner was here to make the unbearable reclusiveness of this day something more laden with treats.\” (Gohan is pretty philosophical. Usually, the Shar Pei are the most questioning of dog breeds in terms of the existential, but this Husky has definitely read through some volumes of Nietzsche).

Not to worry Gohan, your father does return from the pet shop—turkey bacon dog treats in hand. The remainder of the video is devoted to the aftermath of Gohan\’s time spent in the solitary exile of his own house. The doggie sits and shakes for some well-deserved dog treats from the pet shop.

Our thoughts after watching this video: there is something addicting about the mildly interesting part of the internet. Watch this video and you will see what we\’re talking about.

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