This Little Teenage Raccoon is So Lucky!

The bond between animal and human is one that will last forever, and here at Splash and Dash for Dogs we believe in this bond. Watch this heart-warming video of a wild raccoon being rescued by a group of boaters. They boaters heard what sounded like a bird yelping and noticed a teenage racoon struggling to stay above the water. They saw the animal struggling and decided to help. Because raccoons are wild and usually hard to domesticate, the boaters did not pick him up and place him in the boat. This is wise. Whenever a wild animal is struggling do what you can, but handling the animal could lead to hurting them even more. Splash and Dash for Dogs does not recommend handling any wild animals. (Just stick to your pets at home). Raccoons are wild and if you see one never feed or touch him. The boaters throw down a life preserver and the little guy climbs aboard and clings to safety. They slowly start the engine and head for shore. Thanks to these humanitarians, this little teenage raccoon will live to tell the tale! All proceeds of this video will be donated the The Wilderness Society, which Splash and Dash for Dogs supports.

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