The Olympics Have Our Pets are Trying to Get Involved!

Splash and Dash for Dogs found Lava, a border collie up in frosty Calgary. Lava has been having fun with curling rocks and some cold Canadian ice. This video shows Lava and friends mounting the rocks and then being pushed across the ice by Curlers. The dogs all love crouching on top of the rocks and even stay on them as they wait their turn to slide. Splash and Dash for Dogs found the funniest part of the video is the editing. The editor wrote in commentary over the dogs barking. When Lava glides across the ice, her poodle friend barks “Hurry…Hard,” as if he were coaching her. Haha! This video shows that you don’t always have to be normal and just play fetch. Some dogs like to play in other more unconventional ways like curling or even playing piano.

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