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Pawsome Valentine Gift Ideas You Won’t Find At The Pet Store

Valentine’s day can be an extremely hard gift-exchanging day to shop for, but there’s one thing you can be sure of: if your partner has a pet, they love animals and animal-themed gifts are almost always a sure thing. You don’t have to go to a pet store to find animal gifts, though throwing in a chew toy for their pet (and yours!) can be a thoughtful gift. Here are some animal-themed gift ideas for him or her:


\"pet1.   Animal- Inspired Clothing or Jewelry From the Pet Store or Other Shop

Lions, tigers, and puppies, oh my! Just about everyone loves getting a pair of pajamas with their favorite animals on them. You can find playful cartoon renditions of your partner’s favorite house pet or go wild with sexy animal prints. There’s also excellent choices online for 3D-printed shirts with animals on them. There are leggings, animal-sculpted jewelry. With all the different styles of clothing with animals on them, you’ll have no troubling finding something for your animal-loving partner.


2.    Giant Stuffed Animal (or small ones too)

These pets you probably won’t find in any pet store. Most pet lovers have a collection of stuffed animals, even if it’s small. Stuffed animals are cute, soft, and keep the spot in your partner’s arms warm when you can’t be there. It’s a solid reminder that you’re not going anywhere. There’s a spot for you and that stuffed animal is reserving it.


3.       Pet Art

Another gift you won’t find in a pet store is one that originates in your own house. You could purchase generic images of animals you find at the store or you could make something one-of-a-kind and meaningful. Phoenix Chui takes images you send her and redraws them into something magnificent. If you want to create a truly original gift, consider immortalizing your partners pet’s with a gift like this. She can make portraits, necklace photos, bookmarks, and so much more.


4.    Specialty Wine

Frenchie’s Winery offers something you’ll never find in a pet store. It sells wine with famous portraits on them but the twist is… the faces on the photos are painted over with dog faces! Frenchie’s winery is located in Napa Valley. Named after his French Pitbull, Frenchie. You can order online or set up a day date with your honey and their pooch.


5.       Animal-Shaped Candy\"small_dog_pet_food\"

Your local pet store may sell treats, but not like this. Almost everyone expects candy on Valentine’s Day. Instead of getting regular heart-shaped chocolates that like everybody else, look for chocolate shaped like a dog, cat, or other animal. There are large gummy bears, worms, or even make a cake. Nothing says I love you like a white cake shaped like a cat and topped with M&Ms.

Stop wandering around the pet store worrying about what to get. These unique ideas are sure to please any animal lover. If you can’t decide which one to try, do them all.

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