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Throw an Awesome Doggy Birthday Party With Pet Store Help

If you are like 91% of Americans and consider your dog to be part of your family, then throwing a dog birthday party is something you may want to do. There are several things to take into consideration when planning your dog’s party to ensure you get the best result, such as picking up treats from the pet store.


Be Selective with Your Guest List

It may seem like a good idea to invite everyone you know with a pet to the birthday party. The problem with this is not all dogs get along. You want to make sure your dog gets along well with all the other pets there. More than this, keeping the guest list small means you can actually have better control over the situation. You do not want to have chaos, but to be able to enjoy the day. Keeping your guest list short will allow for this, as well as allow you to be a better host or hostess for the event.



Choose the Right Location

Another thing to think about when planning a doggy birthday party is where to have it. You can have it in a pet store (depending on the location) but this is not the only option. Other common spots for doggy parties include dog parks, dog friendly restaurants and even in your home. If your pet has a favorite pet store, then this can be the perfect location for your party.



Pet Store Shopping for the Party

The next thing you will need to do is figure out what you will serve at the party. To start with you will need to pick up a birthday cake for your dog at the pet store. Either get one that is big enough to share with the other pets or go with smaller cupcake style treats for all the dogs. Buying the cake and treats from the pet store is preferable to making them on your own as you know that it is dog safe.



Plan for Activities

You should also plan for different activities for the dogs at the party. Part of this will be determined by the location and weather during the party. For instance, a doggy birthday party that takes place in summer is perfect for a water party at the dog park. Visit the pet store to pick up items to play with such as balls and other toys.



Don’t Forget About the People

Just because you are having a doggy party does not mean you can  forget about the people coming to the party. Take the time to get food and drinks for them as well. Make sure you are accommodating the people that come to the party just as you would the pups. This may require more shopping than to just your local pet store but it is worth it.


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