Proper Dog Grooming Apparel Makes a Huge Difference

Speaking from a pet groomers perspective, there is nothing more rewarding and fun than being a dog groomer. You spend your day caring for clients\’ dogs ensuring their happiness and well-being. The career path is a dog lovers dream! But like all jobs, it takes the proper resources to maintain optimal performance. Dog grooming apparel is essential!

Dogs are attuned to things humans just aren\’t. If groomers don\’t have the proper attire they will be uncomfortable. Dogs sense this and will do everything they can to throw you off your game. This is why wearing dog grooming apparel keeps groomers safe and ready for any challenge.

Of course, the pet spa is a damp environment. Dog groomers are constantly bathing and trimming dogs\’ coats for a prolonged period of time in wet conditions. Without the right clothing, grooming can start to take a toll on the body. Overly pruned skin will chafe and become irritated while soreness can occur if you\’re not wearing shoes with good support. No one wants to come home at the end of the day soaked, covered in fur, with a rash breaking out.

This article explores the materials Splash and Dash groomers use and other available dog grooming apparel on the market.

Dog Grooming Apparel Essentials: Aprons & Smocks

Groomers that walk into work wearing denim jeans and a cotton T-shirt are in for a rough day. Working in wet clothing is a typical grooming hazard. You will want to use water-proof clothing that will keep you flexible, dry, and comfortable. One of the most important pieces in dog grooming apparel repertoire are aprons and smocks.

Pockets are always a plus for the added convenience of storing grooming tools like scissors or combs. Most aprons or smocks have pull over, button, or zip-tie fastening for easy in-and-out. This makes it easy to take apparel on and off in between clients or when going on break.

  • Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Standard Grooming Apron
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
  • Top Performance Fabriguard Contour Grooming Aprons -$20
    • 50% Polyester
    • 50% Nylon
    • Treated with Fabriguard ® to protect against stains
    • Two Pockets
  • Angels Grooming Apparel Reversible Bathing Apron $45
    • Taffeta & Velvet material
    • Waterproof & Hair-stick resistant
    • Available in variety of patterns & colors


Jackets are the second line of defense from all the sudsy water, chemicals, and flea treatment that fly off dogs shaking their coats out. Grooming jackets are usually worn over a shirt and keep hair from sticking to your clothing.

  • Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Standard Grooming V-Neck Jacket
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
  • Artero Ilva Jacket-$39
    • 100% polyester
    • Full Zip
    • One pocket with overlay and side vents
  • Angels Grooming Apparel Men\’s Grooming Jacket-$50
    • Quick-drying
    • Non-fading & non-shrinking machine washable fabric
    • Front Zipper
    • Two Pockets

Groomer Sleeves

Groomer sleeves are great for bathers and groomers that are giving spa treatments to a high volume of dogs. This is especially true at Splash and Dash where we bathe dogs of all sizes. Groomer sleeves come in handy when you have a 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog that loves splashing you.

Groomer sleeves should be elasticized at both ends to prevent water from seeping into the sleeve. No matter what style of sleeve you choose, make sure it has a snug fit at both ends. There is nothing more annoying that constantly readjusting your sleeves.

  • Bite Buster Sleeves-$59
    • Nitrile & Kevlar material
    • Layer of neoprene padding
  • ProGuard Sleeve Protector Set-$7
    • High-quality vinyl
    • Elastic bands at both ends
  • Activedogs Grooming Bath Sleeves-$19
    • Denier polyester fabric
    • PVC bands at both ends
    • Adjustable hook/loop closures at top & wrist

Gloves and Mitts

Some bathers love gloves and use them religiously while others believe they\’re impractical and only use them for the funkier cases. I would advise using gloves when grooming ears and glands.

The trick is to have the right gloves that protect the skin. Prolonged exposure to the shampooed water or parasite products can damage and crack your skin, especially when first beginning. Use trial and error to find a happy medium you prefer when it comes to gloves.

  • Bite Buster The Beast 18\” Glove Set-$140
    • Double layered Kevlar
    • Synthetic puncture resistant polymers
  • Rinse Ace Bath Mitt-$5
    • Latex
    • Nub surface cleans skin fast
    • Brushes while washing
  • Playtex Living Gloves with Dripcatch Cuff-$3
    • 3-layer latex
    • Absorbent cotton lining

Pant Bottoms

Wearing pant bottoms is great! Medical professionals aren\’t the only ones wearing full scrubs anymore. Wearing crinkled nylon or polyester pant legging not only keeps you dry but gives you optimal flexibility. This is important when you need to bend over or lift during your sessions.  

The quick-drying and water resistant material is easy to wash and keeps you dry and happy.

  • EZ Care Pants Long 32\” Inseam-$25
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
    • Two double sized pockets & bottom side vents
  • EZ Care Salon Capris
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
    • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Artero Pants-$30
    • 100% polyester
    • 30\” inseam
    • No pockets


Shoes are undeniably the most important piece of apparel when it comes to safety. Without non-slip shoes, you will definitely be sliding all over the floor and risk falling even with traction mats. Shoes should be breathable, made with water resistant material, and have non-skid soles. You\’ll be so thankful you invested in a pair of dog groomers\’ shoes when you\’re safely balanced at work.

  • Landau Comfort Unisex Clogs-$17 to $24
    • Closed back design for secure fit
    • Easy on-off entry
    • 100% rubber outside for traction
    • Antibacterial sock-liner
  • Anywears Exact Injected Closed Back Shoe-$38
    • Slip resistant \\
    • 9 colors & patterns
    • Hand washable

Attend to Your Own Care

What\’s the point of dedicating your life to keeping dogs healthy if you\’re own body\’s health is suffering? Dog groomers love what we do, but if you\’re not attentive to your own care, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

The clothes you wear affects your performance. Consider dog grooming apparel a necessity, not a luxury. When you are wearing the right clothes you are going to be much more comfortable. Dogs will pick up on this confident and comfortable energy and will relax with you making it much easier to do your job.

Play Clean. Live Dirty.

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