Puppies Fix Boredom

Splash and Dash for Dogs Wants You to Watch the Cutest Thing Ever

Splash and Dash for Dogs presents one of the warmest videos we’ve ever found. We loved it and we wanted to share it with you. The creative agency SoulPancake and Puppy Chow decided to team up for a social experiment. They went to a retirement home, a gym, and a preschool, and surprised everyone with puppies. Almost like a flash mob, but instead of people, dozens of Corgi, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors ran into play. Watch as everyone in every location lights up with excitement. A retiree said, “This is special.” after playing with puppies. One of the gym member said, “I don’t even feel tired anymore, it’s like that all went away,” while he had a Corgi puppy next to him. SoulPancake filmed the whole thing and Splash and Dash for Dogs recommends watching it to brighten up your day.

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