Splash and Dash for Dogs: The Cat Collar with Human Voices

Splash and Dash for Dog’s also loves our cats! We’ve always wondered what their saying to us with their meows and usually are left just guessing. They have food. They have water. And the petting seems to never stop, so why are they still meowing? If you ever wondered just as we have, new technology is pathing the way between cat meowing and translating this into a human voice. Studies have shown that cats use meows to communicate solely with humans. They do not meow to other cats. Each meow has a different pitch and influctation and can be translated to mean different things. The folks over at CATTERBOX™ have developed a translating collar and this video, The world’s first talking cat collar (60) shows us how it works. Scientists at TEMPTATIONS™ analyzed different cat meows and configured them to personalized exclamations your cat makes. The cat meow that says, “I’m hungry” will translate into just that. Pretty cool!

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