Salon Grooming Hairstyles Gives Pup Instagram Fame

How Salon Grooming Got this Dog 38K Followers on Instagram

As people who work in salon grooming, who are surrounded by cute dogs every day—we get it. We are obsessed with dogs. Our clients are obsessed with dogs. Most of the world is obsessed with dogs! Or cats, depending on your flavor of the week. One thing is for sure. Cute animals of all sizes of fluff and stature are in the Splash and Dash repertoire. We sit back and admire the salon grooming at the Westminster Dog Show, our clients\’ dogs, and most recently the Instagram account moem_n.

The account belongs to a Japanese woman named Yuki and features her famous dog—Kuma. Combined, the two have an Instagram account that spotlights all the zany salon grooming Kuma gets on any given day. Photos of Kuma, the Pekingese-Shih Tzu mixed breed, shows the dog with all kinds of hair arrangements like intricate braiding and hair looped out to look like hearts.

The salon grooming that Kuma gets is so fashionable it\’s hard to tell Kuma is a little dog and not a little girl. I guess the black button nose and small pink tongue gives it away, but seriously her hair is straightened and has fewer split ends than most celebrities. Five-star salon grooming!

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique think Kuma is quite the novelty, but all dogs are beautiful! Hope you enjoy!


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