Rescue Dog at the Pet Store Picks Out First Dog Toy Ever

Roo Gets to Participate in Pet Store Tradition

Every loving pet owner knows the joy of taking their four-legged loved ones to the pet store to pick out their own dog toy. It\’s a tradition. When a dog combs through the shelves looking for the perfect dog toy to take independently to the clerk just about everyone at the pet store has their heart melt.

When I take my Yorkie—Mercedes—to different Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutiques around the country she goes bonkers! You\’ve never seen a dog so excited just to be at their favorite place. The pet store truly is paradise on Earth for dogs. Surrounded by treats, dog toys, and food! What dog wouldn\’t be excited to sniff out their favorite toy?

As you guys can see from the video, Roo is delighted to be searching through the pet store. The Golden Retriever takes her time sniffing through the frisbees, then tennis balls, before she finally finds her perfect choice. This moment is even more special because Roo was once abandoned. Her foster parent wanted her to experience the joy that not all dogs get to experience.

Roo makes her way through the aisles of the pet store and finally settles on it—a plush porcupine doll. You can tell when a dog finds a toy they really love. They\’ll bite down gently and nuzzle it, almost as if the toy is one of their own puppies. You can see the happiness light up in Roo from the tip of her nose too the tip of her tail!

We at Splash and Dash love seeing moments like this and we hope you do too!


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